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Take the protection of personal data seriously!

Does your company offer services? Do you have an online shop and ship products within Europe? As a website operator, do you always strive to keep your readers up to date with the latest information? Then you clearly collect, process and/or use personal data. If this is the case, you are required by law to implement the new General Data Protection Regulation.

If you are looking for help with privacy issues, then we are happy that you found your way to our platform. Here you can compare data protection providers with different specialties:

  • External data protection officer
  • eLearning seminars on data protection
  • Data protection software
  • Data protection kits
  • EU representative pursuant to Article 27

Even though we are primarily a comparison portal for data protection providers, you may visit our Tips section to get information on various matters.

It takes just a few clicks to compare data protection service providers

With so many offers, it isn’t easy to find the right provider. You need someone who meets your specifications and, ideally, who responds to your individual needs. At the same time, the provider needs to help you implement the new data protection guidelines properly, so that you are optimally protected and ready for the future.

With our data protection provider comparison portal, we want to make searching for the right provider easier for you. We offer a detailed overview of various data protection service providers in Germany, including IHK, DEKRA and IITR. Take advantage of our filters to limit the number of results:


Compare data protection service providers based on cost and pick the right GDPR advisor for your budget.


When comparing providers of data protection solutions, it is important for you to consider whether you are looking for a complete solution for a small company or a comprehensive tool for a larger company.


Do you only want the best of the best? Test several privacy providers and see how good their offer really is.


The ability to reliably compare data protection providers means you are always on the safe side. Don’t fall for the first service provider that pops up on Google. Instead, use our comparison portal and find the right expert for your needs!